QNUK Level 5 Certificate in

Security Management (RQF)

Developed in collaboration with

Qualification number: 603/7313/1

Guided learning hours: 22

Total Qualification time: 168 hours

Credit value: 17

Who is this for?

This qualification is developed for individuals working in the Private Security Sector, particularly those intending to provide security management functions within a business. The qualification aims to develop an understanding of approaches to security management, considering current and emerging threats, risk mitigation, convergence and the role of security management during an incident. Learners will also develop an awareness programme on security management for managers and staff. This qualification will support a role in the workplace.

Pre-Requisites: This qualification is available to those over 18 years. Candidates should be at least a level 2 numeracy and literacy or equivalent

Development: Learners may diversify their skills with the following qualifications:

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