QNUK Level 4 Award in

Physical Penetration Testing Operations (RQF)

Qualification number: 603/6602/3

Guided learning hours: 50 hours

Total Qualification time: 60 hours

Credit value: 6

Who is this for? This qualification is designed for those learners wishing to engage in the practice of authorised Physical Penetration Testing for the purpose of assessing the effectiveness of an organisation’s physical security, processes, and controls. The subsequent report will enable owners to rectify any breaches within their security protocols. The qualification provides learners with the knowledge, understanding and skills to work within an operational team or independently.

The objective of the qualification is to prepare learners for employment as Penetration Testers.


Due to the sensitive nature of some of the content within this qualification, learners are required to hold a minimum of one of the following:
• DBS check appropriately successful for the sector in which the learner is intending to operate
• DBS check in progress and likely to return commensurate to employer requirements (a letter of recommendation is required from a senior officer within the learner’s organisation/institution/authority or service to support approval)
• SC1
• Development vetted (DV)
• BS 7858 screened

Qualification developed in collaboration with:

Development route: Learners may expand their knowledge and skills via following qualifications:

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