QNUK Level 2 Award in Behavioural Detection Analysis (RQF)

Qualification number: 603/5228/0

Guided learning hours: 3

Total Qualification time: 3 hours

Credit value: 1

Who is this for? This qualification is aimed at all staff working directly with the public, ranging from cleaners, security, shop workers, customer service, CCTV operators, passenger safety assistants and anybody who has a vested interest in keeping people safe in the face of current and modern threats to society.

Senior experts in behavioural detection and crowd analysis have worked together to produce an outstanding qualification which will change the way we think when looking for (or noticing) behaviours which may seem out of the ordinary. 

This qualification provides the learner with the tools to be able to detect anomalous behaviours which may lead to: theft, terrorism, assault, fraud, unlawful protests and many other crimes that occur within today's society. Whilst remembering that not all  anomalous behaviours are an intent for unlawful behaviour, the individual may just need some help or be worried about a situation that you can help them to overcome!

Pre-Requisites: This qualification is available to those over 16 years. Candidates should be working at least a level 2 English literacy or equivalent

Progression route: Learners may progress onto the following qualifications:

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