QNUK's Forest School Qualifications

Forest School started in the UK in 1993. Since then it has gone from strength to strength with Forest schools, facilitated by competent Forest School leaders,

The QNUK Suite of Forest School qualifications are built on shared units supported by the Forest School Association.

We have 3 main Forest School qualifications. These can be taken as a progression route, however some experienced providers will move straight to the Level 3 Certificate as they intend to run their own Forest School.

Our Assessor qualifications include the following:

Qualification title: QNUK Level 1 Award in Forest School Ethos and Principles (RQF)

Qualification accreditation number: 603/7785/9

Description: Level 1 is an introduction to Forest School and as such does not equip you to run Forest School. It gives you an idea of the principles and practice but does not equip you to lead a group. People who attend this are generally volunteer helpers, managers who don’t want to practise but need to know what the principles and elements of practise entail, and people who wish to dip their toes in before committing to becoming recognised leaders. As such, it is a short course.

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Qualification title: QNUK Level 2 Award for Forest School Assistants (RQF)

Qualification accreditation number: 603/7786/0

Description: Level 2 is designed to qualify a learner to become a Forest School assistant, enabling them to take a proactive role in helping a Forest School practitioner plan and deliver a Forest School programme and supporting the learners. This course is generally approximately 60 hours and worth 6 credits

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Qualification title: QNUK Level 3 Certificate for Forest School Leaders (RQF)

Qualification accreditation number: 603/7784/7

Description: Level 3 is designed to qualify the trainee to become a Forest School Leader,able to set up and run a Forest School programme. Level 3 covers how to facilitate groups in a learner-centred way, and how to manage a Forest School site sustainably. It also covers the practical skills required of a Forest School Leader. Generally this course is approximately 180 hours and worth 18 credits.

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