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Our non refundable application fee is just £350+VAT, this includes:

  • Free staff registration*
  • Free centre visit
  • Free lesson plans and presentations, where available
  • Free marketing materials
  • Free certificate personalisation
  • Free support from subject specialists
  • Free membership to our social media groups
  • Free access to our cutting-edge centre management portal
  • Regular ‘centre only’ offers and discounts

For centres looking to offer SIA Licence linked qualifications, there is an additional registration fee of £300+VAT this covers the additonal EQA activity. Click below to find out more about our SIA qualifications.

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With so many Awarding organisations, it can be difficult to decide on which is best. As all AOs have strict conditions for their recognition the quality assurance of each shouldn’t be a concern, neither should the recognition of qualifications as each will be recognised by the appropriate regulator.

Therefore, the decision for which AO is best for you and your learners often comes down to:

  • Support for centres
  • Range of qualifications
  • “Hidden” fees
  • Learner registration fees
  • Speed of service

Support for centres

Qualifications Network is a leader in this area with probably the highest level of customer support. We cannot find another awarding organisation that responds to centre requests after 5pm and over weekends, but that is when many of our customers need that support.

We have a dedicated team to support your centre, but we also have private groups on social media with members supporting each other if needed.

There are no additional costs for this level of support, everything is covered by learner registration fees.

Range of Qualifications

Qualifications Network has one of the widest ranges of safety, health and security qualifications. With the closure of shared units, Qualifications Network has been able to develop our own unique set of qualifications, making sure our centres stand out from the crowd all offering the same qualifications.

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Hidden fees

We don’t believe that any AO should have hidden fees, we believe in being transparent. Our fees are not only available to view on our website, we actively ensure centres are aware of all of our fees, and don’t have to search for them or simply find out once they have signed up.

Of course, this is easy for us, as our fees are simple; we have an application an annual renewal fee and learner registration fees. Our qualifications suites are free to sign up to with the exception of our SIA licence linked suite where an additional one-off fee of £300+VAT is payable.

Learner registration fees

Our learner registration fees are kept low. This can be done by the use of efficient systems such as our cutting-edge centre management system: MyQNUK

The learner registration fees cover all of our services to centres; with the exception of investigations/sanctions.

Our learner registration fees include exam materials and presentation certificate.* The fee also covers all of our operating costs including centre support and External Quality Assurance.

For more on fees, click here

Speed of service

We know that there are many promises of very quick turn around of certificates but we don’t like making promises that may not be fulfilled. In addition to this, as an Awarding Organisation we have a responsibility to ensure certificates have valid claims and this cannot be rushed to meet marketing objectives.

We are committed to a 7 day turnaround for those with a direct claims status. Typically certificates will be with you within 48 hours but again we don’t want to give you false promises.

At Qualifications Network we believe that business is personal, therefore we prefer to work with centres that share our beliefs in trust, mutual respect, collaboration and most importantly integrity.

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The centre application fee is non refundable where an application is rejected or revoked.

*A fee of £50 may apply where trainers are registering for qualifications where they are unable to demonstrate occupational competence in the recommended method. The fee covers that additional time taken by EQAs to map evidence from CPD, Courses, CVs, references, in-house training etc.