QNUK's Conflict Qualifications

Sadly more and more people are at risk of violence and conflict in the workplace. As part of effective health asnd safety management, emoployers should identify risk and implement suitable controls. Those controls may include suitable training.

We have a growing suite of qualifications related to dealing with the prevention and management of violence and agression in the workplace.

Our current related qualification is:

Qualification title: QNUK Level 2 Award in Preventing Violence in the Workplace (RQF)

Qualification accreditation number: 603/0562/9

Description: This qualification is intended for those at work that need to be able to identify triggers for violence and how to reduce the risk. Typical attendees will be working in service industries where dealing with customers is common. This is not intended for those that are at significant risk of having to physically intervene with violent or aggresive individuals

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